Flappy Sonic And Tails

Flappy Sonic And Tails

If Flappy Bird – a hot game designed and created by a Vietnamese – has ever left you crazy, today let’s make your fulfillment reach the top by an alluring version, namely Flappy Sonic And Tails. The truth is that the game is considered a wonderful blend of Flappy Bird & Sonic the Hedgehog. Get ready? Come on!

While the game’s theme is designed by the Sonic’s hallmark, the rule to play is quite similar to Flappy Bird. What does it mean? Simply, players are asked to control Sonic through a forest where loads of narrow gaps are created by the green pipes. Please keep him in balance on the air while grasping lots of points. At that time, your cleverness and dexterity are all required to win. If you unintentionally let him encounter any surface, the game ends right now!

Don’t be disappointed if you fail in Flappy Sonic And Tails. Just try and try again!

How to play

The skill game is savored by using the left mouse or the spacebar.


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