Fire And Ice Elves

Fire And Ice ElvesLet’s move on to Fire and Ice Elves and enter a cool adventure in looking for a wonderful treasure in a secret island! Are you fully-prepared to support both elves (fire and ice) at this time? Here we go! Right now, players are permitted to guide both elves at the same time, or they can ask their friend to support. Start directing both to move forwards and assist each other together. The most important thing is that the players should be careful in doing to bring both to approach a door successfully. Certainly, don’t forget to observe and avoid some obstacles on the road such as place-have fire, water, etc. If they’re careless in this case, all will be done instantly. Pull your socks up and illustrate whatever you have in order to accomplish the chief request well! Take action and good luck!

How to play

The Fire is controlled by WASD.
The Water is controlled by arrow keys.


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