Epic Creature Hunter I

Epic Creature Hunter IHave a visit on Epic Creature Hunter I, all game addicts! You will become a talented hunter in searching for and defeating a huge number of cruel creatures in Goblin’s Island. Feel ready to take over this important task? There is no time to wait. Let’s go with us now! Look! There are lots of dangerous and powerful creatures, and players have to kill all to protect Goblin’s Island. Use the mouse and tap on each creature to defeat. It doesn’t sound hard, right? Whenever completing each stage, the players will receive some valuable items in such a way that they can upgrade their current weapons or craft new ones in Boost and Blacksmith. Before doing these things, be careful and wise to pick up the best weapons for beating all the creatures. What do you think, guys? Don’t go anywhere! Let’s illustrate your true faculty now!

How to play

The chief key to interact with this game is the mouse.


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