Elephant Quest

Elephant QuestHave you tried Elephant Quest yet, my friends? If not, let’s take a look at this unique game right away! Feel curious about its game play? Let’s find out!

In there, the players will take control of Willie – a blue elephant. Everything happened when Bully – a strong elephant – stole the new hat from Willie and brought it to his place. Feeling angry, Willie decided to take his pretty and cool hat back. At first, players should guide him to go through a little door to reach Billy’s place. Along the way, there are plenty kinds of obstacles, such as spike traps, deadly creatures, and more appearing and blocking Willie’s vision. Whenever you cause silly mistakes, the game will stop immediately. Don’t forget to complete several tasks, such as unlock a brand-new door, to obtain XP and HP points. With those points, players can purchase necessary stuff.

Can you take the hat back to Willie? Let’s join with us in Elephant Quest and attain the greatest result! Good luck!

How to play

Instruct Willie: the WASD/arrow keys.
Aim and shoot: the mouse.


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