Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z

Fed up with something soothing? Dragon Ball Z focuses mainly on the fierce battle between two Dragon Ball characters together. No time to think twice anymore! Here we are!

Before stepping into the fighting area, every player is required to choose their own fighter of dream among the available ones. The core mission is to brilliantly navigate him by keys so that he may launch normal, special, or even fierce attacks on each rival till he wins the competition. To detail, please punch, hit, kick, and crush the target when he is in an advantageous condition. Interestingly, every action designed in the game will dazzle you a lot, dear players!

Don’t overlook the attraction of Dragon Ball Z – a battle game, based on the famous comic book “Dragon Ball.”

How to play

Walk around with the arrow keys.
The spacebar key is to jump.
WSADE keys are for attacking.


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