Double Edged

Double Edged

It is a must to visit Double Edged, dear all players! Why? A soldier is in danger; and now he really needs your supportive hands! Please help him fight against hordes of ugly invaders and bring peace back to his region!

As the only survivor in the battle, he must do something to keep safe. How? The brave soldier decides to approach the contenders’ base alone. Players are advised to assist him in defeating all of the available hostiles by a sword. Keep self conscious as the rivals can suddenly appear to launch counter-attacks on him any time. After their death, don’t forget to pick & gather all scattered coins, okay? During the struggle, it’s possible to switch weapons to fulfill the task more easily.

Believe that you’re able to vanquish all enemies in Double Edged? Let us see how talented you are!

How to play

Player 1: The arrow keys are pressed to move, while the “<>” keys are hit to jump or attack.
Player 2: The WASD keys are tapped to move, while the GH keys are used to jump or attack.


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