Cursed Treasure

Cursed Treasure

During Cursed Treasure , there is truly an exciting story, which is still waiting for your self-discovery. What is it? Find the answer here now!

In fact, a kingdom full of rich mines and beautiful landscapes is now surrounded by lots of the horrible enemies. Thirsting for prosperity out there, they intend to take possession of colorful gems that are supposed to own the extraordinary power to alter the whole fate of a country. At present, they’re moving to a holy cave where various powerful gems are stored in. It’s time to prove your potential skills by helping this land to struggle against the negative forces longing to steal these priceless stones, dear guys! According to the king, the ideal strategy is doing Tower Defense Deployment. To put it simply, players will role-play wise commanders who need to set up the defense system through placing turrets or traps along the foes’ road. They will be quickly wiped out right after marching to the area of this deployment.

Hope that you shall enjoy the best time in Cursed Treasure . Here we go!

How to play

Use the left mouse to play the whole game.


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