Crush The Castle 2

Crush The Castle 2

Are you ready for some intense moments? Don’t mind traveling to Crush The Castle 2 to relish awesome things in this game. What are you waiting for? Come to play and try to achieve the final win!

Here, the King Redvonia and his Kingdom are in danger as the enemies from other countries want to invade his land. Be a trustful hero and support him now! The players need to fight against all the rivals and conquer all places on the map to take over the final victory. In each round, you will be offered a catapult and random ammos. Use your aiming and shooting skill to fire the ammo towards the hostiles in order to defeat them as well as destroy their base. Bear in mind players have a limit number of ammos, so use them wisely before you have nothing to fight. Perform the task well to obtain a gold medal and unlock more advanced ammos.

How do you feel now? Enter Crush The Castle 2 to support the King immediately and show us your ability!

How to play

To enjoy this game, use the mouse only.


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