Crazy Flasher 5 Andy Law

Crazy Flasher 5 :Andy LawAndy has made an imposing comeback through the latest version of the Crazy Flasher series. That’s Crazy Flasher 5 Andy Law! In this edition, the players will take control of Andy and guide him to sneak into the enemies’ headquarters in order to rescue his friends. Can you carry out this duty well? There we come! In the beginning, you must use a sharp knife to destroy the barriers, as well as kill all the hostiles. Don’t miss picking up the scattered weapons on the way. While walking around, please watch out for the enemies as they can appear from anywhere. Be aware of their counter-attacks to preserve Andy’s live. Kill more hostiles to attain a sum of money, and use them to buy advanced weapons to destroy the rivals efficiently. Try hard to conquer this game!

How to play

Move: WASD keys.
Aim and attack: the mouse.
Switch weapons: 1234 keys.
Purchase weapons: B key.
Reload: R key.


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