Contra Flash

Contra FlashCome into Contra Flash together with Bill and Lance – both super commandos! Both have just taken a very vital mission in blasting a dangerous factory. Let’s give them a helpful hand in order to take all over successfully! There we come! Right now, players might choose Bill or Lance to take up this task or ask their friend to control both. After that, hit prescribed buttons on the keyboard to guide the commandos to go forwards and use weapons to shoot down enemies. Keep in mind to do quickly and carefully in order to avoid the enemies’ counter-attack. Besides, beware of some traps on the road to preserve Bill and Lance’s life. Especially, whenever fighting, don’t skip gathering special medals to improve their fighting ability at the best rate. In sum, in order to accomplish the chief mission well, please concentrate on the screen carefully and show all your best skills to take the final win!

How to play

Bill: WASD to walk, J to shoot, and K to jump.
Lance: arrow keys to walk, 1 to shoot, and 2 to jump.


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