Clicker Heroes

Clicker HeroesHey, all guys. Are you bold enough to confront a huge number of cruel beings in a secret forest? Do you have any special skill to defeat all of them? Please set foot in Clicker Heroes, try to do something, and explore your true ability now! For every level, players have to oppose against 10 beings. Their task is definitively to beat all to move forwards the next stages. How to kill them? It’s not hard, actually. Take the mouse, drag it towards the beings, and click on it continuously. Relying on that, the beings will be completely defeated. Wonderfully, 1 valuable coin will be added in the budget. So, try to beat more to obtain a large number. Keep in mind that these coins are very necessary in hiring other supporters or upgrading amazing skills. Besides, don’t miss finishing all of the achievements to get the best result in Clicker Heroes. Be ready to take action? Here we go!

How to play

The game is played with the mouse.


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