Boxhead More Rooms

Box Head - More Rooms

Hey guys! Try to become a smart zombie hunter by entering BoxHead More Rooms now! Many incredible secrets are waiting for self-discovery.

At first, it is a need to select a mode from 4 options: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert, & Nightmare, and then decide what battle you want among Boxy, Buttons, Tight, Column, Castle, Mazey, Gladiator, and Strip. Lastly, select your weapons of choice from the storage, and then defeat all zombies. It’s possible to make use of shotgun, pistol, barrel, rocket, railgun, grenade, and more. Earn up ten new weapons and over 90 upgrades via multiple killed zombies.

Get ready to destroy zombies for a victory? Let’s land on BoxHead More Rooms . Never mind displaying your noble trophy. Hope that you all like the game! Good luck!

How to play

The arrow keys are used to move.
The Spacebar is hit to shoot &throw.
The 0-9 keys are pressed to opt for weapons.


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