Boule And Bill

Boule And Bill

Feel free to join in Boule And Bill to help Bill win a victory in a running race now, as he is now preparing for the “Best Runner Competition” at school.

Fortunately, his house is close to a park; thus, hurry to bring him to the park and start the running course. It’s a must to guide him to running in the right way and watch out all of the obstacles along the road, dear players! There’re spike traps, dogs, cars, and even the passers-by. Please jump, slide, or dodge over, to avoid colliding with such the barriers. Don’t forget to collect golden coins along the path to gain an amount of money. The much more money you earn, the more score you’ll gain. Importantly, all of the achievements will disappear if Bill hit everything on the race.

No time to hesitate anymore! Just enjoy Boule And Bill right away, guys! Happy running!

How to play

The arrow keys are taken advantage of to control Bill.

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