Bomb It

Bomb ItBomb It is a very interesting and cool game that attracts a large number of people all over the world, especially children because it’s quite easy to play. Have you ever enjoyed it before? Why don’t you try and explore some great things? Let’s start! The chief request is to defeat all of the opponents in a maze to become the best fighter. Players just carry out an only action; that is, set bombs on the ground to blast the opponents away. Now, time to direct the given character to walk around the maze and use the bombs to explode some barriers. Wonderfully, when doing it, the players will receive a couple of Power-ups for improving their fighting ability. Try to grab all in order to work more efficiently. Especially, remember whenever setting the bombs up; please leave as soon as possible to avoid being hurt. This game just provides 3 lives and a limited time. Try your best to snatch the good result! Have more fun!

How to play

Walk around: arrow keys.
Place the bombs: spacebar.


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