Bomb It 2

Bomb It 2

The 2nd update of a classic bomberman game, called Bomb It 2, is finally released to satisfy your need. Spend time in unearthing what makes the version outstanding and cool right away!

For those who’ve ever experienced Bomb It, its next sister won’t surely disappoint them. The game’s core target here is to cleverly control the movement and action of a robot so that he’s able to kill all contenders, destruct obstacles, and gather power-ups inside the complex mazes. In every maze, it’s easy to realize a lot of sources, like Shields, Speed Boosters, Hammers, Extra Life, Laser guns, Landmine, Shotguns, Rockets, Frogs, etc. Such the items can help the main character overcome any tough situation while roaming around the maze!

Bomb It 2 does contain a lot of appealing features to attract other. Let’s go!

How to play

The arrow/ASDW keys are availed to walk.
The spacebar is applied to drop the bombs.


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