Bike Rivals

Bike Rivals

A lot of cool stuff is waiting for your exploration in Bike Rivals – an exciting riding game! Cannot wait anymore? Join with us right away!

During the game, it’s necessary to partake in an interesting riding competition. To win a glorious victory, players must confront many dangers. Firstly, spend time in getting familiar with a special motorbike. Then control it to overcoming hard & sloping tracks. After finishing the current stage’s target smoothly, you’ll be led towards the next ones. Plenty types of obstructions will happen along the way, i.e. gaps, logs, rocks, or weird objects, to block your vision. For a high score, don’t hesitate to display wonderful techniques in racing, such as flipping the motorbike backwards or forwards while getting over these obstacles.

Hurry up to land on Bike Rivals and conquer all of the tough stages here, all pro riders! Have a fun time!

How to play

Tilt: The left/right arrow keys.
Accelerate: The up arrow key.
Brake: The down arrow key.


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