Battle Gear 2

Battle Gear 2

Be swift to head towards Battle Gear 2 to check your leading skill, all buddies! It’s obvious that you will attain lots of awesome things here. If you don’t want to lose this chance, tap Start and travel with us immediately.

In here, destroy the main headquarters of the rivals is the ultimate task that players need to carry out. There are various terrains that you can pick to start the war, such as Blue Sea, Desert, Ground Field, etc. Certainly, they will take control of a huge number of powerful units and advanced weapons. All are at the bottom of the screen, and you just need to click on which you want to recruit. Train them when having enough money in the budget, and then, send them to the battlefield to defeat the enemies. Please be careful and do wise when approaching the enemies’ headquarters. You will gain a noble victory in the soonest time if killing all the enemies and burning their base.

Don’t be hesitant anymore! Wish you succeed in Battle Gear 2, guys!

How to play

Hit AD to observe the whole screen.
Tap the mouse to play.


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