Avatar Trail Run Challenge

Avatar Trail Run Challenge

If you find it challenging to ignore a breathtaking riding game where your cleverness and driving skill are honed, then Avatar Trail Run Challenge is indeed a rewarding choice, dear boys! See an Avatar biker ahead? He is the main character today and you must aid him in overcoming a lot of interesting levels. Get ready? Come on!

The key to winning the game is to support the biker in riding his motorbike to the final destination as soon as possible. Of course, he must go through the track full of rocks, chunks, and other barriers. It’s necessary to be clever, cautious, and wise to keep the vehicle balancing on the track until it reaches the required location. Ah, any unexpected crash can make the game stop right away, remember!

Become a skilled rider in Avatar Trail Run Challenge. Good luck!

How to play

Move forward: The up arrow key.
Move backward: The down arrow key.
Balance left and right: The left and right arrow keys.


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