Avatar Arena

Avatar Arena

Just immerse yourself in Avatar Arena, it’s possible to have an occasion to possess a special ability of using natural powers. Does it blow your socks off? Come with us now!

As mentioning early, the game does provide every player the right to control natural powers. What are they? They include Water, Air, Earth, and Fire. Excitingly enough, each owns astonishing capabilities to make defense and launch attacks. Carefully weigh up everything before choosing the one of favorite. You’re firstly encouraged to direct the picked character to the training area so that he’s trained to show off needful skills. Then, enter the tournament area to fight against all 20 proficient benders. Try best to win a final victory!

Have a feeling of becoming the best fighter across the globe? Avatar Arena always greatly welcomes your enthusiasm! Come on!

How to play

The arrow keys: Wander around.
The spacebar key: Attack.


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