Angry Gran Run Halloween

Angry Gran Run: Halloween

Long to experiment with a fascinating running game? Angry Gran Run Halloween can make you satisfied. Get ready to fulfill the upcoming task? Here we are!

During this updated edition, you’re all will be impressed by its Halloween theme, new characters, and creative features. Like the previous chapter, players must continue to travel with ma’am Angry Gran to unearth the mystery around Halloween holiday. Cleverly and skillfully guide her to overcoming all obstructions, such as monsters, cars, etc. While running, remember to kick passers-by as many as possible to gain more coins. Pick up the scattered power-ups to enhance Gran’s running energy, whereas collecting coins to buy necessary items.

See! May she escape from the chase of Asylum hospital? Access Angry Gran Run Halloween to find the final result!

How to play

The arrow keys: Control Gran.
A & D keys: Lean left/right


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