Age Of War

Age Of WarLots of greedy men wanted to occupy your beautiful and prosperous land. So, a war happened. Could you protect your land well and how long can you take a peace back? Let’s enter Age Of War and take action now! One special thing is that players have to spend a long time on confronting these dangerous men. Start from the prehistoric age to the modern one, are you fully prepared? The first important thing is to create a powerful and strong army of units. Click on each available one at the top to produce a certain number. Keep in mind that these units will be appropriate in each age. To move on to other ages, the players just fulfill enough XP points from defeating the men. Sound cool, right? Additionally, please take care of the headquarters and try to set up some turrets to protect it or use Specials if necessary. Start acting and good luck!

How to play

The mouse is the sole key to play this game.


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