Age Of War 2

Age Of War 2

Give Age Of War 2 – the sequel to Age Of War – a chance right now! Is there any innovative, interesting and gripping here? What are you waiting for? Explore its charm instantly!

The most spectacular trait of the new chapter here is that it illustrates a war between cavemen who’re not equipped with modern weapons. Sounds fascinating and resounding? It’s easy to recognize that the battle belongs to the prehistoric age. That’s why everything is really rudimental. Players are tasked with taking control over the home troop by hiring more caveman units and transferring them to the battlefield with the goal of defeating the rival force. Please eradicate the enemy bastion as soon as possible before they reach the home one. Meanwhile, upgrading the offensive system is the best way for the home troop to enhance its power.

Age Of War 2 does allow its joiners to see how the combat in the prehistoric age takes place! Come on!

How to play

The left mouse: Play Age Of War 2.


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